3 It is Must Pay Attention Before Submitting KPR

3 It is Must Pay Attention Before Submitting KPR

Currently, many banks and property developers offer mortgage programs (Home Ownership Credit). Still, some are reluctant to do so. Mostly because they do not want to get into an endless bill.

Limited monthly income is the main reason to avoid KPR. In fact, mortgages are one way to get ownership of a home with a friendly bill.

Actually you do not have to hesitate if you want to take a mortgage. Here are some things you need to consider before submitting a mortgage.

Prepare Complete Document

Follow the instructions for collecting documents until complete. Do not attempt to manipulate data because it will only make your track record bad.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is the inclusion of a checking account. Make sure that your income is sufficient to be able to repay the installment after deducting the expenses.

In addition, you also need to be free from various types of debt, ranging from credit card debt to bank debt. If you have a good banking track record mortgage submissions will be easier.

Understand Your Ability to Pay

Only you know exactly your financial condition. Applying for a mortgage means you have understood the commitment to pay off.

In addition to paying home prices, there are other costs you should know, such as down payment.

The current policy of Bank Indonesia stipulates that the down payment is not financed by the bank and should be self-cultivated.

As for the amount of 30% of the overall cost of the house. There is also the building tax, electricity, and so on. Make sure you have a long-term financial plan during the KPR.

KPR Approval Strategy

If you are ready with both of the above, you only need to decide the bank where to take the mortgage.

Do not stick to one bank alone. In addition to increasing the opportunity of the application, you can also compare the mortgage facility of one bank with another bank.

Better if you can find out the advantages of each bank. Finally, you also need to know your ability in installments.

Better take the maximum tenor, for a lighter installment. This is to keep your financial stability.

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