A Brief History of Computer Operating Systems

The operating system is a system used to operate a device, for example computers, laptops, smartphones and more. Without this operating system, then these devices can not be executed. Therefore, the role of the operating system it is important that such devices could be run.

A Brief History of Computer Operating Systems

Until now, the operating system has been progressing very rapidly, https://www.bloglovin.com/@bestreviews/best-ultrawide-monitor it would be nice if we discuss it from the early discovery of the operating system to be changed as it is today. The development of the operating system is divided into four generations based on the year, following brief explanation:

First generation (1945 – 1955)
This is the beginning of the development of electronic computing systems as a replacement for mechanical computing system. In the first generation, there is no operating system, so that all orders and instructions given to the computer system is done directly.

Second generation (1955 – 1965)
In the second generation began to be introduced with Batch Processing System. Batch Processing System is the work carried out in a sequence that is executed sequentially. In this generation of a computer system is not equipped with the operating system, but some of the functions of the operating system already existed, for example FMS and IBSYS.

Third generation (1965 – 1980)
The beginning of the operating system is developed happening in this generation. The operating system was developed to be able to serve many users at once, where users are communicating via an online terminal to computer or the term that multi-user and multi-programming. Fourth Generation (1980 – Present) Until now, the development of the operating system is very rapid. The operating system is also used for computer networks, where computer users can interact with each other. The current operating system there are many, if users typically most computers and laptops using Windows operating systems. Did not rule out too many people using operating systems other than Windows.

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