A Practical Way Of Designing A Garden Roof (Roof Garden)

A Practical Way Of Designing A Garden Roof (Roof Garden)

One feature of the urban garden that is utilizing every inch of the land became a park, including areas of the roof (rooftop). Utilizing the roof area for children is highly recommended. In addition to the reduction of the heat of the Sun so that it can cool the room in it, it can also replace the structural areas with forage as a form of environmental friendly approach against the negative effects of global warming.

But unfortunately, there are some conditions where the roof can not be processed into the Park. As happened in the House which is located in Jakarta. Since the purchase of second hand, the landlord did not dare to take risks by making a full roof garden because of needed preparation of structural jasa pembuat taman solid. Because of that, it appears the idea of making instant roof garden with potted ornamental plants as well as someother so how the existence of the roof can be utilized to become an extension of the outdoor sitting area.

Landscape architect, Anggia pure Tropica Greeneries designed roof garden with a simple concept. He put chairs and a gazebo measuring 3 m x 4 m with a frame of ironhollow roof and white colors transparent polycarbonate. As for the teak table surrounding a square field “closed” with synthetic grass and water feature in the Middle as a Centre for the orientation of the view.

In accordance with the concept of urban garden, the roof garden is also equipped with productive crops such as vegetables, plants, medicinal plants, herbs and fruit crops planted in the pot to ease maintenance and harvesting in the process. Concepts like this are easily applied and light so often applied to the roof because it is concise and practical.

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