Brochure Designing tips of interest to Developers

Brochure Designing tips of interest to Developers

The brochure is a medium that contains material and information complete calm of a product which can be disseminated in the form of soft copy or hard copy. The goal, of course, to attract the attention of consumers or prospective client in order to immediately buy a product that is marketed. And brochures are often also used as one of the media marketing for a new housing project.

Brochure a good housing is certainly not only contains a clear description, but must be supported also by visually interesting. For example the image quality of the housing, the selection of colors, type fonts, and illustrations that support.

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It is very important to understand the concept of housing who wants marketed. For example for housing concept green and beautiful, then select the shades of white and green that are in accordance with the philosophy of peace and happiness. In addition to the color, typeface selection could also be adapted to the concept of housing, such as minimalist or contemporary.

Switch to the content, there are several items that must be meet the information perumahan di solo needs of prospective buyers. Well, if you want to design an informative brochure design and creative, check out some of the important points here.

1. Describe the location

Not quite the complete address lists, blueprints of the site has also become an important element that can make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine where housing is located. Attach some important point of around housing, ranging from schools, shopping centers, hospitals, and motorway access.

To develop a shadow of a prospective buyer, you can also add a distance in units of kilometers to several strategic points. But the note area your brochures, do not insert the sentence because too much will make the brochure so boring.

2. include a photo or image

Include pictures of homes that will be marketed. If the House is still not built or indent, you must include a picture illustration House and residential complex in a three dimensional form. Thus buyers can visualize the architecture of the House they want to buy.

3. Inform complete

Support brochure with complete information about the type of House and its price. Usually the price details provided in a separate sheet, but you can create a tagline that attract buyers. For example, “the House of the type 36 only Rp400 millions in Bekasi!”. The sentence therefore usually pretty effective marketing affects the decisions of prospective buyers.

4. Specification building

Insert a special column to list the specifications of the building. In order not to meet page brochure, you can make this column with a small font size at the bottom. The specifications of the building is very important to explain the material that is used in the House has to offer.

5. List of advantages

Create a brochure listing more attractive housing excellence. For example the location of flood free, including the cost of a certificate, a gimmick, or bonuses such as the air conditioning (AC) or kitchen set.

6. give an informative points

If you still have space remaining empty area take advantage of with some informative points. The first contact should be contacted (sales/marketing developer), the value of the investment (Return on Investment) to be had if you bought your home, or ask a MORTGAGE terms (Mortgages).

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