Caffeine can help enyahkan risk of dementia

Caffeine can help enyahkan risk of dementia

Caffeine can help enyahkan risk of dementia

Caffeine can help to remove the appearance of dementia, according to a study in the journal of Scientific Reports.


In that study, researchers from the Indiana University found into one of 24 compounds that can push the enzymes in the brain, preventing the working of the brain is interrupted.


An enzyme called NMNAT2 protect the brain from the pressure, against the proteinbuilding “plaques“, as the effects of aging. Protein imbalances is also associated with the emergence of Parkinson’s disease.


As reported by the Medical researchers claim Daily, these findings are important because caffeine can be used in the treatment of dementia that there is currently no curein the future.


There are currently around 46 million people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in the world, and as many as 10 million of which are in Asia. While in developed countries like the United States today there are more than 4 million people elderly sufferers of alzheimer’s disease.


This figure is expected to rise nearly 4 times by 2050. It is more related to the high life expectancy of people in developed countries, so that the elderly population also increased.


Alzheimer dementia is a disorder that affects the brain‘s physical decline emotions,memory and decision making and commonly called senile.


As mentioned in the official page of the Ministry of health, Alzheimer’s often considered normal experienced elderly alzheimer’s so often are not detected, but the symptoms can be experienced since a young age (early on-set of dementia) and early detection helps sufferers and their families to be able to face the psycho-social influences from this disease better.

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