Caring For Water Plants

Caring For Water Plants

Tillandsia air plants plants attractive an option because these plants do not requireplanting media. Water plants it can capture water vapor and dust containing nutrient elements through the leaves. Therefore, take good care of this plant will be very practical for most people, especially for those who are busy and don’t have time to take care of the plant.

However, this does not mean the plants or water Tillandsia require no treatment at all. Water plants still in need of a little tukang taman surabaya attention in order to grow properly. Anythingnoteworthy? [Read also: 4 plants that are easily Treated to Interior Spaces]


One of the important components in the water treatment plants is a regular watering. Watering the plant can use spray or soaking it in a bowl of water. You should pay attention to the resistance of plants to drought to be aware of the need to water. For example, when the plants are already starting to constrict or warped, it means thata plant needs water. Long soaking else vary, ranging from 10-20 minutes. Once soaked, be sure to dry it a little while so that water does not damage the roots of the plants.

Another component that is not less important is the light or sunlight. Water plants should be placed in a bright room with indirect light. Either plants or placed in outer space, make sure the water plants were in the shade and not exposed to direct sunlight. It’s also friendly on the lamp House so no need to worry if the House is not in a location which is easily exposed to sun light.


It indeed needs no fertilizer or planting media, but not mean it can’t be done. If you want water plants could be given fertilizer. However, choose the fertilizer which is formulated for water plants or consult on experts on the types and frequency of fertilizing to replenish necessary nutrients.

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