Choose the right fruit for chocolate

Choose the right fruit for chocolate

Almost any fruit can be combined with Brown depending on your taste. As to what the best combination between fruit and chocolate in order to created a sense of terrible on the tongue?


“Actually we can mix almost any fruit with chocolate,” said chef Maxime Danguillaume, Executive Pastry Chef Valrhona Asia Pacific, at Afp in Jakarta, Friday (17/2).


Each fruit will give sensation to different textures. Maxime says there you can play around with the creativity in order to produce a varied texture in the mouth. Bite of chocolate wrapped in strawberry certainly different tastes with banana wrapped in chocolate.


He argues, red fruits like strawberry white chocolate combined with the fit, while the fruit like bananas more delicious eaten with thick chocolate that tastes bitter.


Maxime ever experimenting with the fruit of the typical tropical country for combined with chocolate, for example, banana, passion fruit to durian.


I get the sense that suitable for banana and passion fruit durian, but I think it’s hard,” he imbuh.


Brown not only berjodoh with strawberry or peanut, sweet dishes can also be combined with tropical fruit that is in Indonesia.


Valrhona chocolate brown, Bakerzin shared premium origin France, collaborating with chocolate duet creates tropical fruit in three new dessert menu served throughout Indonesia Bakerzin outlets: Bananaz, Aloha and Hula.


As the name implies, this dessert consists of a duet between chocolate and bananas.


I chose this because Indonesia like a banana,” said chef Maxime Danguillaume, Executive Pastry Chef Valrhona Asia Pacific in Jakarta on Friday.


The yellow cake is not too sweet because of pisangnya dominate. The top of the Bananaz decorated chocolate Valrhona Dulcey that adds to the flavor of caramel.


Like the hula hoop, a round-shaped pastry has a soft texture of Valrhona chocolateCoeur de Guanaja. The blend of flavors with a cream made from lemon and cardamom feels unique and suitable for those who are not too fond of the sweet.

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