Choosing Wall Decor

One great way to create a trendy bedroom is to have the proper wall decorations in your room. With the right pictures and art pieces you can transform your room from dull and boring to beautiful and interesting. There are two reasons to using the right wall Decor. The first is to create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom that will help you to relax and sleep better. The second is to create a sense of awe and wonder when you are showing it off to people.


Choosing Wall Decor

  • Match The Theme.

Anything that you purchase to put on the walls needs to go hand in hand with the theme and color scheme in the bedroom. If it is a country theme than choose pictures of cows or ranches and beautiful scenery. If it is a contemporary theme then try to choose simple art photos or family pictures. Mixing and matching the themes will only create chaos.

  • What Works.

Find pictures, art pieces, clocks, mirrors, and other types of wall Decoration that will look best in your bedroom. You would never want to put something in your bedroom that would work better in your living room. One thing that works in most bedrooms are shelves. These can be small and stacked on top of each other on a smaller wall. On these shelves you can place family pictures and knick knacks. This will help to free up room on your nightstand and dresser.

  • Mix It Up.

Be as creative as you can and try not to use the same picture that is in your living room in your bedroom. It is safe to use the things you like most in rooms that get more traffic and the other ones that you enjoy in your bedrooms. One great way to break up the monotony of Decor is to add other types of unusual decorative pieces like sconces, candles, paintings, mirrors, and plastic plants.

When talking about wall Decor we usually think immediately of photographs and paintings. Try to broaden your thinking and use stenciling or wallpaper trim. Choose a romantic or inspirational saying that you can stencil over your door or on the wall opposite of your bed. Each time you wake up you will see it. This is a great way to start your day.

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