How Smart Shopping Lipstick

Still in the “Lipstick Madness”, surely many of you lovers of lipstick that slaked with a myriad of options exist. Moreover, plus access to the lipstick the easier shopping with the presence of beauty e-commerce such as Sociolla, also beauty marketplace as Beautylink. Brand-brand abroad that had been difficult to get, can now be purchased easily. Just choose, order, complete a transaction, and then wait deh arrival package. Local brands are now able to compete with foreign brands. See for example in collections lipstick BLP Beauty, Rollover, Reaction, Mizzu, Wardah, Make Over, and Emina. The colors, textures and formulas, offered some of this brave local brand pitted. The price is affordable, the quality is satisfactory.

But there may be among you who still doubt or perplexity before choosing a lipstick. Reasonable kok. On the one hand, the number of options it was fun, but on the other hand can also make us confused as to want to start trying, and select what kind of lipstick. But don’t you worry because we’re here to help. As a fairly routine shopping Lady lipstick every month, and surrounded by friends of compatriots, this “Guide” we before shopping lipstick also you can try.


Information about lipstick fastest obtained from the internet. Try to follow some of the account e-commerce beauty, beauty, beauty media influencers, beauty blogger, vlogger, beauty and beauty brand. You can select Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Snapchat, blog, you name it. Select the platform that you like, and find at least about 5 – 10 accounts to follow. Here we can find as many information ranging from packaging, texture, formula, and the final results of the lipstiknya. But also try to check how often the account update its content Yes. If it was a long vacuum or no new content, better find another account which is more up to date.


If information about a single lipstick already in their grasp, it’s good don’t get swallowed up round-round. Find out the brand’s background as well. Usually this is done when we’ve never tried any of the products of the brand. We need to check first whether the nih, this brand of reliable quality products? Whether its products had a positive response from the community of beauty? One of the easiest ways is ngepoin account Instagram brand cosmetic convenient. Try reading the comments from her pictures, or view “Photos of …” brand.

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If it escapes from the number 1 and 2, the time select the color of the lipstick. There are usually two types of nih if the Affairs of the lipstick. The first is the type who likes to try new colors. For example: I’ve got pink, red, and orange. If so, I so much prefer colors like purple, Brown, or another color that has not been had. Or, if you already have a bright red lipstick, which is sought is the next dark red color.

Well, the second is the type who is looking for a favorite color of lipstick. The selected colors are usually similar or are still in the same family. Examples include Mira Monika, Editor in Chief of the Beauty Journal. He is a fan of lipstick red and dark purple. Usually if you want shopping selected color lipstick, not much different from the favorite color. A little darker, or lighter. The important thing, not much different from the preferred color.

One that is so in common the editors of Beauty journaling is always our “research” to make sure the lipstick will be different in colour with purchased lipstick you already. Similar to it’s okay, but not to the same. Bit of a shame if trawl buy lipstick colour is like new but is twinned with old lipstick?
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Well, this can be done by searching for voucher code to be able to price cuts, Subscribe to various newsletters and information to know what promo is ongoing, or search for the free shipping offer that saves your shopping budget. That way, so it’s more “frugal” right?

UM, by the way, now again ngincar what ya lipstick?

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