How to Get Free Google Play Store balance 100% Work

Free google play codes – Share your android smart phone users in particular must be familiar with the name Google Play Store. Application store that provides thousands of applications and a special game android devices android developer of thousands that exist throughout the world

In the Google Play Store there are two types of applications are free apps and paid apps. free application is an application that can be downloaded and installed without costly but usually free app has a lot of shortcomings, from its incomplete or many annoying ads in the app.

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while paid applications are applications that require a fee to download and install it, but a lot of advantages also obtained in the paid apps ranging from feature complete and that certainly annoying advertisements will be removed.

But there is one question that most mainstream widely questioned by the owners of the android smart phone “How to buy an app in the Google Play Store”.
There are many ways to buy an app in google play store from using a credit card, carrier billing methods, paypal and use the gift card code Google Play Store or Google Play Store balance

What the Google Play Store balance ???

Balance the Google Play Store or also commonly referred to as the Google Wallet Balance is a virtual cash in the form stored in your Google Play Store account

What are the functions of the Google Play Store balance ???

~ As a substitute for money in purchasing an app or game on google play store

~ Buy items in an application or game for example: gems in Clash Royale , sticker in line or fuel or for premium features in the application mengunlock

How do I get or add the Google Play Store balance ???

You can add the Google Play Store balance by entering the code Google Play Gift Card

How to Get a Google Play Gift Card Code ???

You can get the code Google Play gift cards bought at the online stores that sell Google Play Gift Card balance or can also be bought at Indomaret , and there is also a free way to get Google Play Gift Card

How do I Got Google Play Gift Card Code FREE ???

How will I share below is the way that I assure you will be 99.9% work for those who truly want to get Free Google Play Gift Card which can later be exchanged into the Google Play Store balance and certainly this does not harm anyone

How will I share here is by way of an application that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store called whaff REWARD.

This application has a very unique way of working that you will be asked to install an application then you will be given a reward of installing an application provided by the reward whaff, or arguably whaff the reward is a new advertising concept.

How to Get a Google Play Gift Card Balance Guide to whaff Reward

previous copy or first copy this code: DQ69721

1. First Download and Install First application whaff reward in Google PlayStore by sharing this link

2. When finished installing, open the app and click whaff reward facebook login button in the upper right corner, and then log in with your facebook account , and then click OK

googleplaystore balance free whaff

3. The menu will appear after entering the code, just enter the code you copy above was: DQ69721 So you get a dollar by 0.3 $, otherwise enter the code you will not get 0.3 $ dollars first

4. Once you do all three steps above then it’s time you start dollar by opening the menu and pick pick whaff premium then download and install applications that are in the pick-pick it, later on after you download an application that is inside the pick, you will be given dollars are directly added to the account balance of your reward whaff

Rewards that you get from installing an application range from 0.1 $ to 1 $ or even more depending on the type of application that you download and install.

not only download and install the application, you also can get dollars in whaff reward by inviting friends and check attendance.

once collected $ 11 dollars in whaff account you will be immediately redeemable Google Play Gift Card or the Google Play Store balance
How to Redeem Balance whaff to Google Play Gift Cards

1. On application whaff reward top right click menu and then select ” Payment ”

2. select it and then click the Google gift card, click the ” Request ”

3. The balance in the exchange process with the Google Play Store Gift Card takes about 1 to 3 days, if it has been sent you can check out the menu check rewards -> check the gift code

4. if the Google Play Gift Card code has been entered, it is time to redeem the code into the Google Play Store balance, record the code of the Google Play Gift Card

How to Redeem Google Play gift cards with a balance Reward whaff Google Play Store

Before redeeming the code obtained from whaff earlier in the Google Play Store balance, you need to change the setting of your own wallet google address of addressable Indonesia into the USA.

This is because the gift card that you get from whaff is giftcard USA which means it can only be exchanged into balance google play store when setting the address in Google Wallet is the USA or the United States

How to Change Settings Google Wallet address to the USA

1. Open Google wallet you via this link and then click SIGN IN, then enter your Google account

2. If you open it in the phone it will look like the image below, click Menu in the upper left corner and click “View full site”

3. Select the transactions menu, then click the wheel icon located in the top right corner

4. Setting country to the United states (US), then enter the address in the Address USA yours or can also use the address as in the picture

5. Click Save

Cara Menukarkan Code Google Play Gift Card Ke Saldo Google Play Store

1. Open the Google Play Store app, select the ” Redeem ”

2. Enter the code that you get from whaff rewad, after a successful automatic Google Play Store your balance will increase by 10 $ dollars

3. Excited rialah way because you’ve got the free Google Play Store balance without harming anyone

4. You can directly the balance to purchase apps and games on Google Play or buy gems in royale Clash and Clash of Clans

So only once a way to get free Google Play Store balance using the exchange method Google Play Gift Card code obtained free use whaff applications, in addition to using whaff you can use other apps that are similar to whaff reward or application can be regarded as an application of dollars.

There are many applications of dollars in the Google Play Store and if you want to know how many there are applications of dollars and the balance of the Google Play Store are definitely paying please visit one of the articles that discuss the application of dollars here.

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