How to Make Chocolate Mask And Its Benefits To Face

Brown is most people’s favorite snack because it tastes sweet and savory make anyone addicted and want to continue to consume. Banya experts say that chocolate has benefits for humans million of them are good to improve mood, boost immunity until the last one is for the beauty of the face. Although tasty and benefits but there are some people who are actually afraid to eat chocolate because it could cause the weight to be increased, but that’s not always true.

Well, anyway brown matter at this time then we will discuss about how to how to make chocolate mask for the face . Maybe it will sound a little strange because very seldom people use them brown for skin care for face masks are usually made from natural materials such as yam, avocado and others. Well, before you know how to make it see the first benefits of chocolate to the face.
the benefits of chocolate for face masks and how to make it

Benefits of Chocolate Face

1. Lifting the dead skin cells
The benefits of chocolate first mask is to exfoliate the dead skin on the face. As we know that the dead skin cells must be cleaned because if left and rested on the surface of the face can cause all sorts of problems such as facial acne, dull and more.
2. Smooth Skin
Then the next benefit is to smooth the skin. Who would not want to if their facial skin soft and smooth as I’m sure everyone wants it. Well to get the things you can count on chocolate and do not need to spend a lot of money to buy beauty products costly.
3. Prevent Aging
Chocolate mask can also slow the aging process and prevent premature aging of your skin. If a regular and consistent then use brown mask can make your skin moist and smooth.
 4. Protect Skin Due to Sunburn
The sun’s rays can not be avoided, especially for those who often move outside the home then it is definitely going to come in contact with direct sunlight. Well, using this cokalat mask the facial skin will be protected and ease due to sunburn.
Well, once you know what the benefits of chocolate for the next face then we will discuss how to make chocolate mask. How to make it very easy and simple so that anyone can make it yourself at home

How to Make Chocolate Mask

To make this chocolate mask material then first you must prepare beforehand is.
1. Pure chocolate creamy
2. Honey to taste
3. Cheese
4. Cold water
5. Towel
6. The bowl
Then if you are ready then please refer to the ways or steps made below.
1. Put chocolate and cheese with a ratio of 1: 1 into the bowl
2. Mix well and then add the honey and stir again until the three ingredients are well blended
3. Well, if it is then mask chocolate has become and stay applied to the face
4. Apply to face evenly and regularly, then let stand for 20 minutes
5. Then rinse using clean water and dry using a soft towel
6. The rest of the mask can be stored in the refrigerator and used again for tomorrow.
7. Use routinely and regularly at least 3 times a week.
8. Finish
That’s how to make chocolate mask along with benefit to the face . How easy is not it? You can make it yourself at home, even pregnant women can also use this mask because it is safe and does not use hazardous materials. In addition, the chocolate mask can also be used by men and women.

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