Modern House Lighting Design

Lighting is also used as accessories for the house, such as chandelier which is used as your ceiling accessories even thought it isn’t bright during the day; but their appearance might give effect to your houses. Considering the type of lighting and also their position might affect the performance of the houses, as we already discussed before about how a golden glowing light might change the look of your house.

There are many type of modern lighting that can be possibly applied in your houses; in is available in various colors and designs. Copper accent is one of the favorite nowadays, especially for the kitchen use. It is not only available in gold and silver, but also in metallic which will give modern touch to your house.

As for the bedroom lighting, you can consider in using metallic lantern lighting which gives warm atmosphere; some of them are crafted so they might make pattern on the wall. Strings light are also nice, since they are available in various shapes such as stars, owl, and flower; then you can apply them on your wall. But still a portable lamb becomes one of the favorite among all; because of their various design and shape currently follow the modern trends.

Besides that, you can manage using a hidden lighting for your house which can be added on your walling or ceiling. It will suit for those who don’t really want to play with accessories, and prefer a plain look for the lighting; beside it won’t need special treatment just like a chandelier which needs to be clean seasonally.

As for the outdoor use, there is still various type of garden lighting such as outdoor wall sconce, torch, outdoor pendant, tea light holder, contemporary arch path, jelly jar, and candle lantern as the best choice. You can choose one of them which are appropriate with the theme of your house. A wall sconce is best for people who want to create classical sense, but if you want to give a modern atmosphere; torch and outdoor pendant are more preferable.

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