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Incase you haven’t noticed, I go to Disney World a lot. Those trips range from four days to ten days. Thats a lot of walking. Just to give you an idea, I walk an average of 20,000 steps a day at Disney World. For you non-pediometer or fitbit savvy folks, that’s about 13 miles. That creates a need for comfortable shoes. I looked everywhere for shoe reviews at Disney World and didn’t find anything that helped me. So I decided to start testing out shoes at Disney World, just to see how they held up for 13 miles.


First, I’ve decided to review Wakai. I didn’t own a pair, so I ended up wearing brand new Sepatu Wakai. Wearing brand new shoes is never something I recommend doing at Disney World, but I wore them two days to hopefully give you the best idea of if  Wakai will work for you or not.

I chose to wear my  Wakai on the first full day of our trip. My feet were probably at their best for the entire trip and the  Wakai came highly recommend by my sister for comfort and cuteness. They’re her Disney shoe of choice. For reference, I have one flat foot, one arched foot, narrow ankles, wide toes, my feet turn in and fall in. All of those factors mean that I could encounter a little of most foot problems. At first, I though they were kinda tight across the top of my foot, but the soles were very comfortable. I was told they would stretch and be fine. The first day I wore them we park hopped twice. We started at Hollywood Studios, hopped to Animal Kingdom, then hopped to EPCOT for the evening. My steps that day totaled over 25,000. Here’s my feet at the end of the day:

As you can see in the right picture, my feet did well during the day, but not as much as I was expecting. The  Wakai definitely stretched. I wear an 8.5 or a 9 and went with the 9. After the end of the first day, I did not have any blisters and the bot Wakai of my feet didn’t hurt, which is a big deal after walking over 13 miles in a day. I was so impressed I decided to wear them again on my second full day. We walked about 21,000 steps that day. At the end of the second day with my  Wakai, I had a blister right under the ball of my foot where the  Wakai rise in the shoe on my flat foot. On my arched foot, I had a blister under my big toe. Needless to say, I was a little uncomfortable that second day, but my feet didn’t hurt badly. That’s more than I can say for other shoes I’ve walked 26 miles in.

Overall, I would give  Wakai a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 on their wearability for Disney World. I recommend  Wakai because:

Comfort:: After walking 26 miles and only having two blisters, that’s rare. They didn’t rub my ankles and gave decent support
Cute:: Skirts are my favorite bot Wakai at Disney because they’re breezy and cool, especially with running shorts under neath.  Wakai are definitely cuter than running shoes with skirts.
Material:: Canvas outer keeps your foot cooler in the sticky hot Orlando weather

The marks against  Wakai are what most folks typically complain about:

Safety:: Rain is a daily occurrence at WDW most of the year.  Wakai do not give you traction on slick pavement
Smell:: Due to the leather inners and the fact that they’re recommended to not be worn with socks, the excessive walking (and sweating) done on a Disney trip can make them smell pretty bad
Material:: This is a pro and a con. It’s a con because they can wear out so quickly. If your  Wakai are pretty worn and then you decide to walk in them 13 miles a day for a week or so, you’re bound to get holes

Hopefully these tips and observations will help you decide if  Wakai are right for you to wear on your next Disney trip!
Have a shoe suggest for me to test on my next vacation? Questions about other shoes? Contact me or leave a question in the comments! And look for another Disney Shoe Review next month.

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