Musical Friday: Advent, and Yuletide songs

I’ve been so busy placing Christmas orders all week I haven’t made any more posts.

But I’ve been keeping my brain filled with the Holiday spirit of Peace with these tunes.

Today’s presentation comes from a site called Noise Trade – you have two options to get the music:

  • share 5 of your friend’s e-mail addresses recommending the album to your friend (not spamming them)
  • pay what you want, from $5 to $20

First is a group called Sojourn, with a collection called Advent Songs tinged with a light Americanna rock/folk blended between male and female vocals.  Hearing Joy to the World re-imagined is refreshing and engaging way to share Christmas with your friends, and not have them tune it out – like in all the department stores.  The big band rockin ‘What Child Is This’ brings the rock-opera flavor to your christmas party!

Second up is a compilation album out of Nashville with that Wilco or Dylan’ish flavor of stripped down rock/folk.  Their arrangement of Silent Night, mixing vocals in the round and stripped down rock vibe –  definitely  makes you pick up and listen again.  

Last weekend I was doing some painting to Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas” which used to be free but at $15 for a 5 disk set is an absolute christmas classic for me.  So if you’re looking for a big selection of holiday music like you’ve never heard before – that set is  definitely  for you!

One last collection for your Christmas joy – this direct folk sound on ‘The Bewildering Light’

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Musical Friday: Give a mix tape this christmas

What say’s “I love you” more than a mix tape?

Custom mixed cd – or even tricky series of e-mails with MP3’s attached?

Mix up trackes from these  Free Albums on

Selected Design: Default Design

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your favorite wedding photographer artist who just gifted you 6 disks of free music, an Amazon card is perfect!


I would like to get a complete set of Sigur Ros, and the new Helios album!

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Musical (black) Friday: calm your mind with your iPod

Ah – a musical post – for Black Friday – calm your mind while you stand in line:

Download MP3 of Quantum Cello interview by Jad Abumrad, music by Zoe Keating

Read the article that goes with the performace and fill up your iPod with this ethereal ambience to keep your mind off the lines, traffic, and chaos if you’re out and about today.


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Musical Friday: in my rotation

GIRL TALK – FEED THE ANIMALS – ILLEGAL ART a stream of consciousness re-mix – free album that will tear down everything you expect from your music!

Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies – by Wax Taylor has had me on the hook since you heard one of the top tracks in the Blogger Search Contest video.

 The kid’s favorite dance tune right now is Alice (Drop The Lime-Heavy Bass Remix) by Moby  I need to grab the video camera sometime when they’ve got the family room stereo cranked — and are rippin new moves to the driving beat.

 I’ve been sleeping to Buddha Nature by Deuter  while My wife is up in New York shooting her weddings.  She’s been away 9 day’s so far and the kids have only missed the bus once (cause it was early) so

Enjoy the sample player – and let me know what was your favorite tune if you buy a couple…


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Musical Friday: John Martyn’s sweet little mysteries

Ever recognize someone the first time you meet them?

Well a highlight of my year went that way when I met my now friend Steve Yates, who was kind enough to let me stay at his home this summer in the Lake District of the United Kingdom.  He’s a wedding photographer in this legendary landscape. and if you’re daring enough to click that link you’ll see some amazing wedding images.  If you imagine me, as a scotsman, and ten years older – well – that’s Steve, a climber, adventurer, and photographer and all round nice guy!  Well, here’s a photo to end my blabbing on:

Lake Country United Kingdom wedding photographer

And his family with whom I stayed in the Lake District

Lake Country United Kingdom wedding photographer

Ever recognize something the first time you hear it?

Well it was the same when Steve had some John Martyn playing the Sunday morning I was headed for the train…We were drinking coffee in the back garden shown above.  I instantly wanted to know who it was, and he informed me – and sent me on my way with a few tracks.  I’d like to pass on his recommendation and this two disk set (available as download also) retrospective for your consideration over the weekend. The album is Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology The Amazon reviewer glows:

“Martyn has the whiskey-soaked voice of (fellow scotsman) Rod Stewart with Louie Armstrong thrown in, the spiritual intensity of Van Morrison and the jazzy folk sound of Joni Mitchell.  
I’ve never heard anything quite like it. All of his songs are melodic and interesting and some, like “one world,” “small hours” are transcendent and as beautiful as any music i’ve ever heard.”

The history on Martyn goes back through the seventies and I don’t know why he’s not more recognized than he is – cause in my perception he deserves it.  Take a listen with this player:








I’ve now used two of his songs in my slideshows, and we’ll see what else may develop in the future.

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Salsa on the mind to tango

Well, last night I had a real blast learning to Salsa with My wife, Bill & Deanna.

Today KCRW was playing me some dulce estupendo tango-fusion from Bajofondo which I’ll share with you here:

[flash w=424 h=268]

So if you’d like to pick up an album to get your tango on with your lover here are my danceable recommendations:

Meet My wife and I Thursday night at Tapas in Rochester if you’d like to salsa for free!