Why I’m a wedding photographer | finding spaces and places

In these few recent video posts, I’ve taken snippets of my life and shown how they add up to make me a good wedding photographer, here’s the installment from Providence RI:
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Get to know your photographer on the beach

Get to know your photographer: Neil

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Here are are few questions I answer a lot: … Read more

New Blogger Contest : Multimedia engagement session award!

We are searching for a new bridal blogger!

Blogger contest take two and YouTube version

Blogger talent search contest or YouTube version.

Ungodly Fruit – Soundtrack by Wax Taylor

The prize is a free multimedia engagement session by Neil Cowley with a value of $3000. The quest is for a storyteller with heart and humor to tell the stories of wedding planning and engagement from inside their head and out through the web. Submit your journal, blog, video log, or contest entry to the comments here to be considered!  Multimedia submissions will  definitely  score you bonus points!!

What is a multimedia engagement session?

If you are chosen as the new blogger, I will help you design your engagement session and schedule it for as soon as possible.  Your themed shoot will also produce Save the Date Cards, and a Signature Wedding Guestbook.  You will then be responsible for writing 20-30 posts from your engagement and wedding.

Who else has blogged for you?

Deanna was our first bridal writer who’s creative, heartfelt and zany  posts were a lot of fun!  You can view her multimedia  engagement shoot slideshow, her post reflecting on the engagements, her wedding slideshow, and her post reflecting on the wedding experience and journaling/blogging.  Deanna is planning to incorporate some of her reflections in her album design.

The entries will be judged by Neil, My wife and Deanna on the basis of creative writing, personal presentation and emotional candor.  We are looking for writing style, emotional expression, and humorous visual flair (like Deanna’s barbie page).

How can I blog this, pass on the word, tell my friends?

Click the </>Embed button on the above video and copy the code to your own blog or site – or use the YouTube Version with Neil or My wife.

Paste the link to your post in the comments, so everyone reading here can find your site!


Click this button to post this page to your Myspace, FaceBook, bookmarks or other sites:

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The Album Delivery, with Neil

So if you’ve watched our ‘virtual album meeting’; you’ll want to see the end product…

Album Delivery by Neil

You’ll be just as excited and enthralled to open your album for the first time!

Order a Custom Design Series Album from our three sizes: 8 Series, 9 Series, and 13 Series

We also have an a-la-carte option that starts at $300 – and you build the album with only the photos you want by starting with an either an 8 inch cover, or an 11 inch cover.  Add each page of your album by selecting ‘album page’ from the photo page in your private gallery on the shopping cart.

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Sit down for a virtual meeting with us

Sit down with us and talk albums…

The Album Meeting with  Neil & My wife Cowley –  Watch in HD on Vimeo.
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A note on love…

My wife and I are proud to present…

Who is Make Love Real? from Neil Cowley on Vimeo.

…the first section of four short films about our business.  We’re totally excited to share these with you over the next couple months as we book new weddings, meet new people and get used to our new home in Charlotte – anyone in the world can meet with us through our site.  A BIG thanks to Andrew Marzano the producer of our series.

I have to dedicate this first video to My wife, the love of my life – who’s inspired me to such great heights of experience, and such great depths of understanding.

With this post, I’m initiating a new category in the site called ‘Love Note’ where anyone can send in a love note that will be published as a public proclimation for the 5-10,000 people who visit this site every month.  We’re open to any kind of media, and will help you host and present it.  I hope to see us develop this into a little bit of a friendly competion – since my love note to My wife started with a big production budget – I’m winning!

But like the old horse says, “when you are real, you can’t be ugly” – so don’t be intimidated, start sending it in!!
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ohhh it’s close, and its big, and it’s beautiful

it’s coming….

Make Love Real.net promo video sneek peek #1 from Neil Cowley on Vimeo.

And you’re going to totally luuurve it

Neil the wedding crasher…

Well, I’d like to brag that I just have a ‘nose for a wedding’

But, while that may partially be true – really I’m just lucky that I wrote Erik…

Wedding Crasher02.jpg

…and Danielle was smart to encourage him to call me back…

Wedding Crasher01.jpg

…and I was lucky enough to get the voicemail as I hiked to the top of Pilsbury mountain with Eben…Wedding Crasher03.jpg

… Read more

Multimedia engagement video presentation

Presented below is a video montage of Courtney and Charlie’s relationship story that they played at their rehearsal dinner

Courtney & Charlie engagement project from Neil Cowley on Vimeo.

This one was a team production where I did the audio and Courtney hired a video director to put together the extended slideshow with historical family photos.

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