Taste the chili bread-pendowoharjo village and giant cheese Bowl salad

Taste the chili breadpendowoharjo village and giant cheese Bowl salad

Processed salad in parmesan cheese giant perforated Bowl so its Center resemblesone of Asia’s newest Restaurant dishes, The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.


Parmesan cheese made for a great salad is one that is new here,” said the Cluster Director of Marketing Communications, The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta Adeza Hamzah, Thursday (11/2).


Grana Padano cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk Italy and taken directly from that country. The giant cheese the semicircular perforated, then into the bowl to make a salad so that a sense of kejunya is more pervasive.


The giant cheese Bowl can be used to make a salad for about a month.


In addition to the salad in a bowl of parmesan of giants, there are new dishes in the restaurant include onigiri sushi “Sushiat the counter, also India naan bread on the counter As You Wish” where visitors could choose the groceries are available on his taste.


Naan bread called “chillipendowoharjo village is cooked by inserting a variety of chili and cheese that makes it taste like pizza.


There are also Asian-style fried rice that is cooked directly on the counter, “Traditional“, while lovers of noodles can taste four new soup gravy at the counter Noodles“,i.e. chicken soup, beef soup, vegetarian and laksa.


In addition, the buffet menu that had been there before can still be enjoyed here, asbaso, Hainanese chicken rice and rib eye roast beef.


Adeza said a renovated restaurant for three weeks this new ambience with an eclectic, contemporary concept. This new version of the restaurant made smaller than ever, with a capacity of around 292 seats.

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