The story of Diana Rikasari was invited to London Fashion Week

The story of Diana Rikasari was invited to London Fashion Week

Yet the year established, fashion line Schmiley Mo belongs to Diana Rikasari alreadyexhibited in various modes, including weekend London Fashion Week in February.


Diana said he originally got the email from Oxford Fashion Studio is interested after seeing the collection Schmiley Mo in Jakarta Fashion Week. Fashion agency from London it’s expressed intention to bring the collections Schmiley Mo to the prestigious fashion week New York Fashion Week or the London Fashion Week.


“I feel so honored because baseball apply, but offered,” said Diana after the book launch #88LOVELIFE vol. 3 in Jakarta, Thursday.


As a brand new whole corn, Diana claimed to have not dared to display the collection at New York Fashion Week, so she chose the London Fashion Week.


In the fashion show in the United Kingdom that, Diana collection exhibited togetherdesigners from various other countries.


He was carrying the theme of “The Story of Henry”, Henry is a chicken is an icon that appears on a wide variety of motifs such as collection with polka with ingredients ranging from denim to tulle with embroidery-like decoration.


Schmiley Mo is a dream Diana for five years who recently realized last year because he also was busy taking care of brand shoes UP.


“I’ve been wanting to create thinkers brand clothes, but I that time again startingUP, so afraid of dormant,” said Diana on Reuters.


Schmiley Mo which is taken from the word “smiley“, always smiling and happy, as well as “modest, meaning this closed and courteous fashion so that it can be used many circles.


Schmiley Mo collection was first introduced in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 because of “scheduling happens to be closest to the launching,” said Diana.


After that, the line of clothing is also on display in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 earlier this year.

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