Too much consumption of processed meats, this consequently

Too much consumption of processed meats, this consequently

The consumption of too much processed meat, salt, soda and less intake of nuts is aseries of bad habits cause of death according to the journal JAMA.


Take an example in America, the majority of death society (more than 700thousand) there due to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, which triggered the unhealthy lifestyle (too much consumption of processed meat, soda and less consumption of nuts).


In a study, researchers found most of those who died are also less consuming omega-3 fatty acids, fruits and vegetables.


One of the authors of the study, Renata Micha says salt is associated with almost 10 percent of deaths. While too little beans, grains and seafood contributes about 8 percent.


Processed meat is among other sausages, hot dogs, salami, corned beef, jerky, and ham. All foods contain additional preservatives or salt to enhance the flavor, high in saturated fat.


Six pieces of processed meat (deli meat) can contain half your daily salt need according to jatung Health Association in America.


“People should limit salt intake because sodium is associated with high blood pressure,” said the Director of the woman’s Health Program Cardiovaskular from Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr. Wexner Laxmi Mehta.


World Health Organization the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION classifies processed meat as carcinogenscancercausesGroup 1. So as reported by Medical Daily.

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