Tricks Duplicate DP House Money

Tricks Duplicate DP House Money

The decision on the relaxation of Loan to Value (LTV) set by Bank Indonesia in August brought fresh air to the public purchasing power of the home site.

LTV easing provides a down payment scheme (DP) of only 15% for first home tread purchase. DP 20% applies to second home and 25% for third home purchase. With a note, the house area exceeds the size of 70 square meters.

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While in the tread house with a building area of ​​22-70 square meters, this LTV change requires that consumers pay off only 15% for second homes and 20% for third homes.

Down payment is the first payment you make to the developer. After the down payment, you are in fact entitled to own the home of that choice. The rest? You can pay it off by installment of Home Financing Credit aka KPR.

Then how to prepare the down payment?

“The essence of preparing DP money is to set aside funds from income. The tools can vary, “said Eko Endarto, RFA., Financial planner from Finansia Consulting.

If the target of the house that you want to buy is worth 1 Billion, then you have to prepare DP money around Rp150 Million.

“If the time to save the amount is long, say over five years, take advantage of stock mutual funds. Meanwhile, if the target of house down payment must already exist in the next three years, may save through gold / precious metals, “he added.

If you have to prepare for the DP in less than three years, Eko provides a solution, “Save money taman rumah through fixed income mutual funds, money market funds or deposits.”

Mutual Fund Options

Mutual funds have a relatively low cost, so it is considered as an attractive investment instrument to prepare money DP dream house. This investment option is suitable for you who want to double money with minimal capital.

“One of the advantages of mutual funds is affordable even with hundreds of thousands of funds, you can already invest. Do not forget to learn the details of the selected investment product scheme and it is important to remember that each investment product has its own advantages and disadvantages or risks, “said Yasmeen Danu, financial planner of QM Financial.

In line with Eko’s opinion, Yasmeen also suggested several mutual fund options.

“Money market mutual funds give higher yields than savings that is about 4% -6% per year. For a period of over 3 years, you can also use mixed-type mutual funds with potential yields of between 8% -12% per annum, “he explained.

deposit money

No Debts!

Due to the desperation of having their own home, not infrequently some people choose the wrong path, which is burdening debt with other debts.

“Do not add to the problem of two obligations and two debts by borrowing money friends, office, pledge BPKB, let alone Unsecured Loans (KTA) for the sake of repayment DP house. There are still other better and safer ways, join the arisan for example, “said Eko.

Actually, the arisan is almost the same as saving themselves. It’s just that the nominal money arisan fixed every month, must be paid to the holders of arisan. Thus, you will be more controlled put aside the money and can not disrupt the call until the turn comes.

“Nominal arisan should not be forced beyond the limits of ability. Same with the portion of saving, the minimum allocation is 10% of one’s income. But if you feel it can be bigger than that, it would be better, “he concluded.

What to watch out for, the management of arisan funds must be believed to have a strong personal relationship with its members. This is to avoid potential legal problems in the future.

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