Trying to be happy all the time can be dangerous

Trying to be happy all the time can be dangerous

Trying to be happy all the time can be dangerous

In recent years there is a shift in the values that are considered society‘s most important in life, success is not only judged from wealth but of happiness.


However, Professor of the psychology of Denmark said the obsession people on happiness can have bad side effects.


Svend Brinkmann Thursday from Aalborg University said forcing yourself to be happy all the time could make dwarf our emotions.


What’s more, happiness is not the right response to all situations in life.


“I believe the thinking and the emotions we have to display Windows on the world.When something bad happens, we should be thinking and feeling the negative things because that’s the way we understand the world, “he said as reported by the Independent.


Brinkmann Thursday believed the attempt was happy all the time doesn’t make a person can face a bad situation.


“Life is indeed beautiful over time, but also tragic. People die in our life, kite lost them, if we just used to have positive thoughts, bad reality can carry greater weight in the US when it happens.


He is also afraid of changing society in which people feel unable to discuss their concerns and their problems with friends because they think they should pretend everything is fine all the time.


We all pressed to be happy, said Brinkmann Thursdayhe is a book that tells each person responsible for the happiness and have to beat yourself up over the sadness that hit.


Because without any of the bad things in life, you will never appreciate a good thing. You certainly okay to feel sad, angry, guilty, ashamed and certainly happy.

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