Want to Apply for Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA)? Here’s how!

Want to Apply for Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA)? Here’s how!

For urban residents living in vertical dwellings such as apartments other than as part of the modern lifestyle, is certainly an option that can not be avoided.

In addition to the limited land that makes the price of the house tread more and more high, the need for a residence with complete facilities, easy to reach the city center, is some consideration for someone to finally choose to live in the apartment.

However, there is no significant difference in the purchase process between the home and apartment. Purchase of apartment units can be done through three types, namely cash hard (cash), installment (cash in stages), and Apartment Ownership Loan (KPA).

Of the three types of payments, payments with KPA turned out to be more in taman rumah minimalis demand by consumers. In addition to installments, deadlines are not too fast, considered more convenient.

If you are currently planning to buy an apartment by way of payment of KPA, this time Rumah.com will explain the prerequisite filing KPA to the bank. Here’s the review:

Terms to be met by the consumer (employee):

– Photocopy of identity card of husband or wife
– Photocopy of Family Card (KK) and marriage certificate
– Copy of Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
– Photograph of husband or wife size 3cm x 4cm.
– Copy of the latest SK or Original Work Certificate
– Copy of Savings Book or last 3 months account
– Pay slip (original, with office or company seal)
– Certificate of income
– Spatial Not House Own (for the size of subsidized apartments). Later the letter issued by the local village chief.

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Credit terms for professional consumers (self-employed):

– Photocopy of identity card of husband or wife.
– Copy of Tax ID Number (NPWP).
– Photocopy of Family Card (KK) and Marriage Certificate.
– Copy of Practice Permit or Deed of Establishment.
– Copy of Trading Business License (SIUP).
– Financial statements.
– Copy of Savings Book or Newspaper Account last 3 months.
– Pay slip (Original, with office or company seal).
– Certificate of Not Have House (for subsidized apartment). This letter was issued by the local village head.

Other requirements are often recommended:

In addition to formal requirements, there are usually other requirements that must be prepared, because at any time will be enforced by the bank. Here are the points:

– Make sure you are not registered in Bank Indonesia black box.
– Make sure you have a good track record of any credit activity.
– You should know, the bank is very fond of prospective borrowers who have savings, especially have a bank account in the bank concerned. Because it will facilitate the process of extracting information your data kekuangan.
– In addition to checking accounts, you should also make incoming and outgoing money transactions through the same bank.
– Then, be a customer willing to work with the bank.
– Usually, young customers with income that tends to progressively increase from time to time is very likely to be approved by the bank.

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