Want To Quickly Have A Home? Take Advantage Of The BPJS Employment You!

Have a home at this time could be is one of the biggest dream of every man. How does? The price continues to soar to make it increasingly is not bought.

And because of the high price of homes that are not comparable with the ability of purchasing power, even making one Paslon Cagub and Cawagub participants of the elections Jakarta entering them as one of the unggulannya program.

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Regardless of the pros cons that highlights programs that carried the Paslon, do you know if the BPJS staffing (BPJS-TK) was more used to have home ownership program?

Facilities BPJS-TK named Awarding cash advance housing (PUMP) is indeed intended to ease You already incorporated as participants in order to have the home via the KPR.

Check out the various advantages that you can get from this program:

Get cash advance loans
Cash advance loans are given for those of you who don’t have a down payment to buy a house in Mortgages (MORTGAGES). This down payment assistance is provided for those who have an income below the Rp4 million, or under the UMP.

In other words, this service is reserved for people on low incomes (MBR).

Credit Help
For help like this BPJS-TK dividing it into two types; subsidized and non-subsidized.

MORTGAGE subsidy given to the home is priced in accordance with the Government. MORTGAGE financing with a maximum cash advance loans (PUM) to 99%, and the interest in accordance with the current Government in the 5%.

While for non-subsidized MORTGAGES granted for home with a maximum price at Rp500 million. Maximum MORTGAGE financing schemes PUM up to 90% and the interest rates of the bank margin rate BI amounted to 3%.

When compared to other home ownership products, just tell the KPR, of course this program very helpful starting from the existence of aid money upfront to mortgage interest rates lower. For more details, refer to the terms, the differences, as well as the following benefits:

Registered in the BPJS-TK
If you want to propose a program of home ownership, at least must be already registered in at least one BPJS-KINDERGARTEN years.

Quantity Of Loans
This program basically are indeed intended for MBR, but it does not mean You are paying fair could not enjoy its benefits. The allocation of assistance certainly different in number and adjusted with salary.

For example, you have a maximum salary Rp 5 million were given a loan of Rp 20 million, the salary of Rp 5 million granted loans of Rp 30 million, while salaries over Usd 10 million can obtain a cash advance loan of Rp 50 million.

Interest repayments
Cash advance loan interest housing is also light enough tables! only 6 percent. It belongs to the very cheap when compared with bank loans.

Terms Of Submission
If you want to propose a loan through this program, you have to prepare a legal affidavit that States do not yet have a home, the company works are willing to be responsible for management of the PUMP, as well as provide recommendations for You to BPJS-kindergarten.

Later, any filing would be processed and submitted to the bank that will finance a residential MORTGAGE. But, if the home MORTGAGE process a submission not approved the bank, aid to auto advance is also cancelled.

If the application is denied, you have the opportunity to apply again. So just make sure all their conditions are met.

Prohibited From Selling
If your application is ultimately approved, you are strictly prohibited to sell the home during periods of installments. Currently the BPJS Employment has begun to apply the rules governing the period holding period is minimal to avoid speculators huni.

In addition, you also can’t sell the House to a third party. If it should be sold to the BPJS employment, to other participants that transmitted to the needy.

Long Mortgage
If the application already approved parties BPJS-TK, you can mencicil the loan funds for a maximum of 15 years.

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