Yuk, Get To Know The Different Types Of Swimming Pools

Yuk, Get To Know The Different Types Of Swimming Pools

Yuk, Get To Know The Different Types Of Swimming Pools

Some people are of the opinion, the presence of a swimming pool is a great complement to their home. On the other hand, some people do not like the swimming pool with the consideration of the security and the difficulty of treatment.

However, it doesn’t hurt to know a variety of swimming pools. Who knows, with a sufficient budget and land is available, would you like to design a private pool at your home. In the following examples:

Play pool

The pool gets its name because of its pool play no more than 1.5 metres. Play pool is often used to play water sports, relaxation and swimming back and forth which is not exhausting.

Pool diving

This swimming pool has a depth of more than 2.5 metres and has a diving board. However, this type of pool has certain standards that are safe to use for diving.

Free form swimming pool

The pool gets its name from its shape is irregular. Typically, this pool has a natural landscape design. The owner of a pool like this seems to want to make “personal oases” in her home.

Geometric pools

You will find many lines in this pool. There is also stiff impression in the swimming pool of this type. Despite the often kontraktor pembuat kolam renang formal, with few memorable creations and “stack-stacking waking up”, you will get a swimming pool with a unique shape.

An infinite pool

The pool type is also known as the negative edge pool or infinity swimming pool. This type is one of the most spectacular swimming pools.

As seen from its name, this pool will give the impression, that the pool does not have a limit on the horison. However, the flaws of this pool is in need of workmanship very carefully by people who are already professionals.

Lap pool

Typically, the lap pool is a pool that is long and narrow. This is the type of swimming pool suitable for those with certain health problems. In this way, they can work out swimming every day in the House that are not too large.


It’s no longer a question of the form the pool gets its name from its waters. This swimming pool has water which “spilled over”. Water height is equal to the heightlimit.

Well, roughly you choose which one?

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